John Peel Theatre

The Little Theatre at the Heart of Wigton

Melvyn Bragg

Current Officers
Chair: Connie Jensen
Secretary: Dennis Graham
Treasurer: John Bell
Membership Secretary: Liz Bell
Front of House Manager: Connie Jensen
Site Manager: Dennis Graham
Health & Safety: Maxine Noble
Music Co-ordinator: Hayden Dunstan
Youth Representative: Conah Dunstan
Committee Members:
Kath Graham
Alison Lewis
Catherynn Dunstan
Martyn Moore

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If you have any information about past members you can share with us, please contact us
Past Presidents
Mary Housby (Life Member)
Robert Hill
John Donelly

Past Chairs
Liz Chapman
Dean Ostle
Ken Allen
Jeff Phillips
Joe Grainger
Dr. Tom Dolan
Tom Hadwin
John Housby
Jack Martin (Life Member)
Alex Brogden (Founder)
Founder Members
Alex Brogden
Edith Brogden
Jack Martin
Graham Tweedle
Mrs Morgan
Mary Park
Marjorie Holt
Edith Pattinson
Sally Hadwin
Tom Hadwin
Mary Housby
John Housby
Dr. Tom Dolan
Roland Eames
Doreen McGuffie

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